*Humane Society's Tips for Keeping Pets Safe During Dog Days of Summer*

Pictured are Madi and Bri Bayne of Olathe, Kansas, who adopted their new puppy Scout from the Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake during Dog Days of Summer Adoption Celebration. Madi and Bri are nieces of Lori and Marty Follis of Grove, Oklahoma.

High temperatures and humidity with heat indexes in the triple digits are not only a concern for humans but their four-legged friends too. Doing some basic things can help your dog or cat have a cool and safe summer.

"The main thing is to keep them out of the heat and provide a cool place for your pets. If they have to be outside, make sure they have plenty of fresh water and a good shaded area so they don't end up having a heat stroke. Pet owners also want to make sure their pets are groomed and don't have a matted coat of fur. An outside dog that is matted, along with the hot temperatures, may be enough to kill some animals," says the Humane Society of Grove.

Some helpful tips to keep cool include having a small plastic swimming pool full of water and spraying or hosing down your pets with the water hose. Make sure your pet has a supply of fresh water every morning and even during the nighttime hours if your pet stays outside.

Do not leave an animal exposed to the elements, especially in extreme heat. Providing some shade is important. Pet owners should put up a tarp or some type of canopy to provide a place where the sun's rays are not constantly shining down on your pet. The temperature level is considerably different in the shade versus out in the direct sun.

And, do not leave your pets in the car, regardless if you crack the windows. Don't leave them inside your vehicle even for a minute because the temperature can rapidly become dangerous, and you can't dial 911 for an animal left exposed in a hot car. If you must take an animal in the car, make sure the air conditioning is left on.

The Humane Society of Grove and Grand Lake wants to remind pet owners to please spay and neuter their pets to stop the serious pet overpolulation. Contact the Humane Society at 786-7630 to register today for its low-cost spay and neuter clinics.