Adopting a dog or cat is a commitment to provide love and care for that animal for his or her lifetime. Healthy dog and cats live to between 10 and 15 years of age on an average.

We do require all pets, 5 months or older, that are adopted from us be spayed or neutered before being released. If kittens or puppies too young to be altered are adopted there is a refundable deposit due at the time of adoption. The adoptee will be scheduled for surgery at the time of adoption. The adoptee must be brought back to the shelter for the surgery when scheduled. If the adopter does not bring the animal in when scheduled we do have the right to remove the animal from your care.

All of our animals have received basic immunizations, heartworm preventative and are wormed and treated for fleas. Our animals receive a Rabies Vaccination, and adult dogs are tested for Heartworm. Other tests will be done at the adopter's request with the cost added to the adoption fee.

Adoption fees start at $50 for cats, $65 kittens (6 mos and less), $25 for senior cats (5 yrs and older), and $100 for dogs, $150 puppies (10 mos and less), $50 for senior dogs (5 yrs and older). Senior animals and animals that have been at the center for a long period of time may usually be adopted at a reduced cost. Certain breeds of dogs and cats that are in high demand have higher adoption fees. Our "Special Angels", dogs or cats that have needed a special surgery or medication, may command higher fees which help pay for needed surgery and medications.

We always have a large selection of dogs and cats of all sizes and ages for you to choose from.

Please fill out an application and bring it to Second Chance Pet Rescue or email it to

We do not hold any dogs unless you pay the adoption fee, prior to sending your application. Thanks for giving this special animal a forever home.